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Meet Our SUPER Team!

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Director of Operations

Rylyn Childcare

Stephanie Day has technically been part of the Rylyn Family since she was born! As the daughter of our owners, Richard and Joan Day, she attended Liddle Kiddles as an infant and grew up running around the daycare while her parents worked. An accountant by trade but having a passion for children, she’s recently joined the team to work behind-the-scenes so that our Directors and fantastic staff can focus on what matters most— the children! 

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God's Little Treasures

Flawlessly stepping in for our first Director after retirement in October 2020, Ms. Dawn has been with God’s Little Treasures since 2008! She’s been in childcare for over 30 years, and was an Assistant Director for 17! She recognizes that kids live in the moment, and says that it’s her goal to make each child feel that they’re more important than whatever’s on her mind. Having worked for a larger childcare group before joining our team, she loves the family-feel of our center and keeps everything moving at just the right rhythm. She’s dedicated, the master multitasker, and we’re so thankful to have her on our team! 

African american assistant director. African american chef. diversity. god's little treasures. nw okc. northwest oklahoma city. diversity


Assistant Director & Chef

God's Little Treasures

Welcoming Ms. Keisha to our God's Little Treasures leadership team! FULL BIO COMING SOON!

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Small Society Child Development Center

Ms. Teri has been at Small Society longer than we have! With over 30 years of childcare experience, over 22 years at Small Society, and her Silver Director’s Credential, her experience is invaluable. Her passion for providing the best care to her students is obvious, best evidenced by the fact that she brought Small Society to be Del City’s first and only three-star center! She thrives in the high-energy environment childcare delivers, and she loves that the little ones always keep her on her toes!

assistant director. small society child development center. daycares near me. del city. midwest city. mid-del


Assistant Director & PreSchool Teacher

Small Society Child Development Center

Ms. LouAnn is a Small Society veteran! She has nearly 40 years of experience at our center, 32 years as Small Society’s Assistant Director, and over 30 years in our PreSchool classroom. She has her CDA (Child Development Associate) certificate and is a total pro. When we asked Ms. LouAnn what she likes most about working in childcare, she put it best— ‘Where else can you work and get 20 little hugs each day?’

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Liddle Kiddles Nursery & Daycare

Ms. Darlene has been with us since the beginning and has nearly 30 years of experience at Liddle Kiddles Nursery & Daycare! Serving as our Director for 28 of 29 years, she has her Bronze Director’s Credential and serves as an invaluable resource to all of our parents, staff, and children who walk through our doors. Over the years she’s welcomed countless families into our center, and loves how each child has a different form of expression. She says that when you take the time to really know a child, you learn the best way to model good behavior in a way that they can understand—she’s a role model to all of us! 

hispanic assistant director. hispanic chef. diversity. liddle kiddles nursery & daycare. daycares near me. south okc. south oklahoma city.


Assistant Director & Chef

Liddle Kiddles Nursery & Daycare

Ms. Andrea has been with us at Liddle Kiddles Nursery & Daycare since 2011. She was originally looking for a summer job, but after loving the kids and the excitement of each day, she’s still with us 9 years later! She has her CCP (Certified Childcare Professional), ELCCT, SIDS, and transportation training certificates, and is able to wears as many hats as our kids have in dress-up! She pours into the children like they’re her own, and loves that with so many young personalities, every day is different. 

african american program director. diversity. children's lighthouse harbor. moore. oklahoma city



Children's Lighthouse Harbor

Ms. Denise has been with Children’s Lighthouse Harbor for just over 2 and a half years, but her experience and value to our team speaks of many more! Denise has worked in childcare for over 17 years, becoming a teacher’s aide at the center she attended as soon as she was old enough. She has her Silver Director’s Credential and worked as a Director for 7 years before we were lucky enough to have her walk through our doors. She’s inspiringly creative, and her favorite part of seeing the excitement in her students’ eyes when they learn something new.

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