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Toddler program classroom. 0-11 months. Hide and seek. Peak a boo.

Toddlers (12-23 Months)

With the confidence gained from their first year, young Toddlers are full of energy, independence and are ready to take on the world! Our Toddler Program is designed to accommodate perhaps one of the greatest developmental years of childhood, and our teachers are constantly helping our Toddlers explore, experiment, and discover new things!

Toddler program classroom. 0-11 months. Communication and language development. Learning words.
Language Development

Between 12 and 24 months, Toddlers begin to recognize the meaning of their words to express their wants and needs. Our teachers encourage and stimulate this process, using common items such as flash cards and picture books, to strengthen the association between words and their meanings.

Developmental Milestones & Integration
Toddler program classroom. 0-11 months. Cognitive skills. Learning. Brain power.
Cognitive Skills

Our teachers make the most of our Toddlers’ heightened sense of curiosity to help develop their cognitive skills. Through designated areas of play throughout the classroom, children are encouraged to use a variety of new materials and sensory tools to explore new concepts and begin developing creative and critical thinking skills.

Toddler program classroom. 0-11 months. Crawling. Climbing. Walking. Playground. Fine motor skills. Gross motor skills.
Fine/Gross Motor Skills

Toddlers’ small and large muscle groups experience tremendous growth during 12-24 months, so our teachers are constantly introducing new tools and activities to help your child grow! Toddlers are taught to use more handheld items, and our teachers channel the Toddlers’ boundless energy and independence through more outdoor play and coordination-related games.

Toddler program classroom. 0-11 months. Legos. Friends. Social skills. Emotional development. Making friends. Taking turns. Sharing.
Social & Emotional Skills

Toddlers begin to develop even more social & emotional skills as they learn to recognize and express their feelings. Our teachers cherish this expression, and encourage children to establish relationships with other Toddlers in the class. Our teachers guide our Toddlers to work through their feelings always employ the Positive Approach when giving feedback.

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