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Our Story

Just like so many of our parents, our first experience with a childcare came with the birth of our first child. When we needed a safe and caring environment to watch over him while we both worked, one our neighbors happened to own a childcare center on the southside named Liddle Kiddles. That sense of familiarity gave us the comfort we needed to entrust our son to their care. 

The staff at Liddle Kiddles knew the significance of watching over someone else’s child as they went off to work to put food on the table. They understood that we would stay home if we could, and did everything in their power to make us feel that we were taking every step right along with them. 

Fast forward three years— our son has turned into a resilient social butterfly in the Three’s room and our neighbor was looking to retire and asked if we would be interested in taking over the business. When we said we had no experience in childcare, his reply was that having your children in a daycare center was all the experience you needed—that everything else could be taught. 

We knew what we hoped and expected for our own children, and that delivering that service to our community would be the honor of a lifetime. Since 1991, nearly 30 years ago, we’ve opened 3 other centers—each with their own personality, but all with the common goal of delivering the best care for your children.

We named our group of centers Rylyn Childcare, which comes from the middle names of our two children—Ryan and Lynn, and it always reminds us of how and why we got here. 

Thank you for visiting our website and trusting us with your consideration. Please call us or come by and tour our amazing facilities and meet our staff that will treat yours like their own. We look forward to meeting you!

Richard & Joan Day

Want to learn more? Reach out to us!
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