Pre-K (4 & 5 Years)

Our Pre-K program is the perfect place for your child to learn and grow before enrolling in Kindergarten! We recognize that a child’s readiness for school determines how equipped they are to succeed, so our classroom is designed to make sure we’ve taken every step to work with our families to prepare your child for Kindergarten, all while being interactive and fun!

Developmental Milestones & Integration
Language Arts

To prep for the language skills taught in Kindergarten, our students learn everything from recognizing upper and lowercase letters, identifying letters and knowing their sounds, then advancing to writing letters and ultimately words! To put everything in to context, our teachers read stories and students learn to make connections to their own experiences.

Mathematical Concepts

In our Pre-K program, our children are continuously learning mathematical concepts and how they’re present in our every day life. Throughout the course of our Pre-K curriculum, students learn to grasp the number sequence and become the masters of shapes and patterns, which set the foundation for addition, subtraction, and measurement.


Students in our Pre-K Program are given the opportunity to explore science in many different ways. Our Pre-K students constantly put themselves into others’ shoes— to view different landscapes, learn about different animals, explore other galaxies— all from the comfort of our classroom!

Social & Emotional Skills

At four years old, children have gained a better understanding of their own feelings and the feelings of those around them. Teachers begin integrating greater concepts of right and wrong, and they equip each student with the social tools to problem-solve and resolve conflicts.

Fine/Gross Motor Skills

As children continue to refine their fine motor skills, you’ll begin to notice that their handwriting appears cleaner and more controlled, which opens the door for more advanced writing activities. As your young one’s gross motor skills develop, it is often most evident on the outdoor playground, where our Pre-K students run and climb with increased precision and energy!

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