School Age (5-12 Years)

At each of our centers, children ages 5-12 years old are taken on entertaining and educational adventures! Our Summer Program is designed to be the best of both worlds—a place where children can have fun and make friends while still learning at every corner. The School Age classroom gives each child the chance to explore, discover, and achieve new things! Less structured than the Pre-K curriculum, students have more freedom to choose the activities they engage in, allowing them to explore talents, interests, or new hobbies!


During our Summer Program, our lesson plans are designed around a weekly theme to have your child learn and explore new concepts. Whether they’re going back centuries to Medieval Times, learning about our American history over the Fourth of July, or taking the latest box office hit and extracting every-day lessons— our School Agers are always learning through innovative activities and hands-on experience.

Each of our School Age classrooms is equipped with a myriad of learning stations ranging from Home to Science to Music, and are all designed to enhance our students’ imagination, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills— readying them for the upcoming school year while still having a summer of fun!


During the school year, our School Agers are prepped for an engaging school day through a practiced morning routine that sets them up for success. Children are fed a delicious breakfast packed with nutrients to ready their minds to learn and grow. After school, children are taught both independence and collaboration through a mix of team-building tames, group activities, and independent play.

Educational Field Trips

At each of our Centers, School Age children become artists, scientists, and explorers as they learn more of the world and this great city through our Summer Program! School-Agers get to see the majesty of the Animal Kingdom through trips to the OKC Zoo, discover the wonder of science at the Omniplex, and find countless other ways to learn through our Summer Program—all while having a blast!

*COVID-19 Update

In light of our efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep all our children safe, Summer 2020 looks a little different this year. Think Sip n’ Palette (with Kool Aid), S’mores making-stations, homemade Play-Dough, and so much more!

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