Full of energy and instinctively curious, Two’s learn at a rapid rate and take in the world around them. Relationship development at this age is critical, so our teachers place a heavy emphasis on language and social skills to help give your child everything they need to grow into a happy young child.

Developmental Milestones & Integration
Language Development

Two brings the evolution of short phrases to sentences, and we often end up with a handful of chatter boxes! Our teachers use various methods to encourage each child to communicate more effectively, and are constantly giving each child the opportunity to engage in one-on-one conversation and group interaction during story time.

Cognitive Skills

Cognitive learning is perhaps the most exciting for Two’s because they start to realize how useful the information they retain is. As they begin to develop problem-solving skills, they become more independent and we keep their minds stimulated with a variety of learning stations throughout the classroom!

Fine/Gross Motor Skills

The development of motor skills for Two’s is perhaps one of the most notable— 24-35 months is generally when children begin to feed themselves, walk, jump, and participate in balancing activities! Our teachers incorporate physical activities into daily tasks and set the foundation for early writing activities.

Social & Emotional Skills

Two year olds are so much fun because they start to acknowledge their own personalities! Teachers facilitate dramatic play (dress-up and role-play, pretend games, etc.), and these imaginative exercises help develop conversational skills and practice seeing other perspectives.

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