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Three 3 year old. Young boy


At Three, children are growing more excited to learn new things and love to ask questions about where things come from and why they are they way they are (“Why is the sky blue?). Our classrooms allow your child to explore as many avenues as possible, and our curriculum channels that inquisitive spirit into academic readiness.

Developmental Milestones & Integration
Three 3 year old. Reading. Leanring to read. Language development. Communication.
Language Development & Cognitive Skills

Between 12 and 24 months, Toddlers begin to recognize the meaning of their words to express their wants and needs. Our teachers encourage and stimulate this process, using common items such as flash cards and picture books, to strengthen the association between words and their meanings.

Three 3 year old. Math problems. Math class. Patterns. Learning
Early Mathematical Concepts

As early as our Three’s Program, our teachers begin incorporating mathematical concepts into the classroom. A variety of manipulative toys (snap cubes, geometry blocks) are used to put these concepts into practice, and these exercises help children to begin to recognize numbers, patterns, shapes and sizes.

Three 3 year old. Young boy playing football. Fine motor skills. Gross motor skills. Coordination.
Fine/Gross Motor Skills

Three is the bright age when children begin to use their fine and gross motor skills in tandem during learning and play. This involves learning to control and coordinate both large and small muscle movements, while also building awareness of his or her surroundings. Weather permitting, each classroom has a designated times throughout the day to go outside to climb and play!

Three 3 year old. Legos. Social skills. Emotional development. Emotional intelligence. Learning to play with others. Sharing. Taking turns
Social & Emotional Skills

At Three, children are more independent— both socially and emotionally, and are able to better recognize and express their own feelings. Our teachers are always looking for opportunities to enhance this awareness on a daily basis, and children are also encouraged to develop an understanding of how others feel.

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