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Infants (0-11Months)

Infancy is perhaps the most remarkable time of growth and development in a child’s life, and our Infant program serves as a safe and stimulating environment for your baby to explore their new world! The classroom is purposefully crafted to foster the beginning stages of development, and each child’s needs are met on an individualized basis by one of our loving caregivers. 

Infant. 0-11 months. baby. Nursery.
Infant. 0-11 months. Nursery. Toys
A Day in the Life

Our Infant program is designed to cater to each child’s needs individually. We welcome information from parents and/or guardians about your baby’s daily routines at home so that our caregivers may create a comforting and familiar environment for your little one.


Infants in our program participate in story and music time, art projects, fine and gross motor activities, and tummy time— all while interacting with other Infants and being lavished with love and attention by their teacher! Our ultimate goal is for your child to feel safe, secure, and happy when in our care, and it’s a top priority for us to partner with you every step of the way!

Infant. Nursery. Baby. Parent communication. Parent involvement. Parent teach conference. Parent teacher meeting.
Parent Involvement

Communication between parents and our staff is of the upmost importance to us. Our teachers actively share information with you regarding your Infant’s temperament, activities, and milestone achievements, and we always maintain an Open Door policy so that parents can see first-hand the loving care and attention your child receives. We welcome a visit from you anytime!

Developmental Milestones & Integration
Infant baby communication and language development.
Communication Development

Long before Infants are able to speak with words, they learn to communicate with others through facial expressions, cries, and body language. Our teachers actively respond to these cues and engage with our Infants through verbal activities such as singing, story time, and the repetition of words.

Black Africian-American baby infant. Growing. Crawling. Fine motor skills. Gross motor skills.
Fine/Gross Motor Skills

Our teachers help your little one explore how to control and coordinate their larger muscle groups through movement during tummy time and practicing sitting up, crawling and standing! We also guide your Infants through more refined movements— grabbing and playing with sensory toys (textured balls, discovery cubes), and eventually holding their own bottles!

Infant baby curiosity. Stimulation. Development.
Cognitive Development

Infants develop cognitive skills as they start to recognize familiar faces, begin exploring the world through their hands and mouths, and engage with others through sounds. Our teachers help stimulate this development through reading nursery rhymes, playing musical instruments, and playing make-believe games.

Infant baby social skills. Emotional development. Loving and caring.
Social & Emotional Skills

Loving relationships help Infants feel trust and gain confidence, and ultimately guide them on how to form friendships and develop self-awareness. For Infants, they observe these skills through how they are treated in everyday interactions, and our teachers build trust with your little ones through love and special attention.

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